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The GuRuStu Group is proud to help the Salvation Army in Tulsa this year with their Angel Trees by donating a website for their new program, Tweet4Toys, http://www.tweet4toys.org

Tweet4Toys is all about making sure there are no “forgotten angels”.

This holiday season we hope you will help the Salvation Army with their toy drive. It all takes place on Twitter and is as easy as tweeting #tweet4toys.

When you visit the website http://www.tweet4toys.org you will learn “Tweet4Toys is a program sponsored by Social Media Tulsa (#smtulsa) benefiting the Salvation Army in Tulsa (@SalArmyTulsa) by collecting toys for Tulsa’s forgotten angels.”

The website further explains,”Every year, the Salvation Army helps thousands of families during the holidays. Thanks to the generosity of so many Tulsans, most of the angels are adopted from the Angel Trees each year, but there are always some that do not get their holiday wishes fulfilled.  These forgotten angels are still left on the trees when it is time to give out gifts. This year, Social Media Tulsa is stepping up! They are hosting #Tweet4Toys to collect toys that will be used to ensure every forgotten angel receives something special this Christmas!”

Join us in thanking Social Media Tulsa for their support of this wonderful cause.

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