The Building that “Wows”: The ORU Armand Hammer Center 3D Projection

News / 07.08.13 / Beverly McDaniel

When it has been 30 years since your campus has seen a new building, then it is absolutely necessary to host an awe-inspiring grand opening with a 3D building projection produced by GuRuStu.

In February 2013, Oral Roberts University officially held their grand opening ceremony for the
Armand Hammer Student-Alumni Center. The 28,000 square foot facility was the latest project from KSQ Architects. The building is an ultra-modern site for fellowship, fun and food without ever having to leave campus.

The “wow-factor” can be experienced in every last feature of the building. It is full of vibrant colors and artwork and offers a feeling and look of transparency with a bountiful use of glass throughout the structure.

The unique building came to life when GuRuStu presented the grand opening projection show. We created a show that was as lively and captivating and the unmatched architecture and design of the center. We were excited to be a part of Oral Roberts University history by making the monumental occasion an entertaining one as well! We believe that the Armand Hammer Center will continue to entertain and stimulate relationships, creativity and a feeling of home for students for many years to come.