GuRuStu Group Producing 3D Muve Music Wonderwall For Tulsa Mayfest

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Tulsa Mayfest is set for May 17-20 this year and will celebrate its 40th birthday.
GuRuStu Group is excited to be a part of Mayfest once again this year.

Last year we designed a new mobile app for Mayfest ( The app allows visitors to quickly fine show times, food vendors, and artist locations.

This year GuRuStu Group designed a new website for Mayfest ( Plus, in honor of Mayfest’s 40th Anniversary, GuRuStu Group is producing a 3D “muve music wonderwall”, sponsored by Cricket Communications. We hope you will come out for Mayfest and watch as the 320 S. Boston Building is morphed into a three-dimensional work of moving design.

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(Post updated May 23, 2012)
And here’s how it turned out!
Mayfest Wonderwall produced by GuRuStu Group. Special appreciation goes out to Cricket Communications for sponsoring this project!!

Saturday Night’s Show – Roof Top View

Grand Finale – Saturday Night’s Show – Street View