Why I Hate Blogs and Why That Should Matter To You
Insights / 05.21.16 / Arvin Sepehr

Many places run a blog only because it boosts their SEO (the ranking they have when someone uses Google’s search engine). Google has built an evolving algorithm that requires websites to keep their sites genuine and fresh. Google’s increasing standards are aimed at what we all want, a better internet.

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Out With The Annoying, In With The Advertising
Branding / 02.09.16 / Arvin Sepehr

A recent study done by the American Marketing Association (AMA) shows that while annoying ads may make a company small amounts initially, the long run spreadsheets don’t show the process of annoying your internet users with pitiful ads to be a very rewarding idea. The result, as George Nimeh puts it, has been to see an annual 41% increase in the use of ad blocker software.

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How to shoot time-lapse photography
Multimedia / 08.11.15 / Kari Gassmann

Time-lapse photography can add a lot to your production quality on it’s own or paired with other elements, and there is no doubt that time-lapse photography can be absolutely beautiful. The best way to capture a time-lapse is to understand what settings you need to accomplish your goal. The settings will be different for a time-lapse of New York traffic rather than a time-lapse of the stars.

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Reduce Stress and Get Things Done
Insights / 07.24.15 / Jonathan Bukofzer

As a project manager, you juggle the timelines and budgets for a team of creatives, developers, as well as a full roster of clients. Moving from project to project while knowing that the accountability for their success rests on your shoulders can make it hard to relax. Once you check one thing off of your to-do list, there are seemingly three more to take its place.

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How to make an interviewee feel comfortable on camera
Multimedia / 05.18.15 / Kari Gassmann

It’s not a mystery that some people are just not good in front of the camera. It’s not their fault, it’s honestly just intimidating to be on camera sometimes. They’re so nervous about messing up that they end up making their thoughts come out as a jumbled mess. If you’ve ever had a nervous interviewee, you know the pain of having to edit out stumbles, stutters, and run-on sentences.

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Branding Basics
Branding / 05.08.15 / Stuart McDaniel

Are you having difficulty in defining or establishing your company’s voice? Your problem may stem from ineffective brand communication. To create effective brand communication, you must first understand what branding actually is. The following elements are all forms of brand expressions but do not singularly define a brand.

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Shooting Video in Low Light Conditions
Multimedia / 05.08.15 / Kari Gassmann

When shooting video, it’s important to utilize plugins and equipment to get the best results. However, sometimes it can be difficult to achieve good results. One of the trickiest situations can be shooting video in low light conditions (nighttime or dimly lit rooms), especially when you don’t have the right equipment.

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The Modern Password
Insights / 04.24.15 / Mason Frakes

Passwords should be strong and easy to remember. For a long time we’ve done a good job of making them hard to remember by requiring a certain number of characters with at least a symbol here or a number there. I propose this solution to making them easier to remember and stronger at the same time.

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Designing Websites in Muse vs. Photoshop
Web Development / 04.24.15 / Micah Moseby

Muse is an exciting tool from Adobe that allows designers to quickly prototype functional HTML websites without having to write code. When a client comes to us to build their site, the art department at GuRuStu utilizes this application during the design phase of the project to give clients an interactive mockup of their website. These “Muse-sites” can accurately portray any visual element within the client’s site design include drop down menus, hover states, animations, interactive sliders, video backgrounds, scroll effects, and more. This gives client’s a better idea of how their site will look once it has been built.

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