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Social Media Management – Use Social Media to Promote a Web Site Not Replace It

Did you know that nearly 46 percent of small business owners do not have a web site? And only half of those who do are fully using available tools to track their marketing efforts. This I guess is still better than the 45 percent who believe the myth that their business doesn’t even need one. Unfortunately, these numbers tell a lot about where small business owners stand today in understanding internet marketing. What are small businesses losing by not having […]

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Tulsa Based Web Design & Advertising Firm – GuRuStu Group Explains Risks with Country Specific Domains

One of the new trends the last few years with web services is to use a country specific TLD (top-level domain) such as .tv or .ly in place of a .com. Some of these country specific domains have been in wide use for far longer. It’s not uncommon to visit sites hosted by companies in the UK using instead of .com addresses, for instance. And this was the original intent behind the creation of the country-specific TLD’s. We even […]

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