GuRuStu updated the Drysdales website, managed their social media, curated email campaigns, and improved SEO for the company as a whole.
GuRuStu took the first step by completely rebranding the Drysdales homepage. This new look was more aesthetically pleasing and easier to navigate. This was just the start of the many improvements to come.
Improved site performance, higher web traffic, and increased sales have been recorded. This is all directly attributed to GuRuStu’s retail web design.
The new and improved Drysdales website was also created to be mobile responsive, allowing phones and tablets to access the website and easily while maintaining aesthetics.
Drysdales' presence on Social Media was greatly increased as GuRuStu implemented different marketing techniques that drew larger and more targeted audiences.
To increase online sales, GuRuStu launched multiple online ad campaigns. We tracked the results of each unique campaign through different programs and analyzed what worked best in reaching their audience. This tracking allowed adjustments to future ads and improved the site's ROI.
One of the many ideas that GuRuStu pitched to Drysdales is the "Free Shipping Bandit." He was originally created for a short promotional video that would advertise the ongoing free shipping.