The burgeoning East Village District is a welcoming community of businesses and residents on the east side of downtown Tulsa who collectively work to improve and beautify the area. Meetings for the East Village District Association are held on the 3rd Tuesday of each month. GuRuStu's founder, Stuart McDaniel is the president of the association.

GuRuStu designed the logo for the East Village District and implemented the phrase, "the sunny side of downtown Tulsa" as its tagline to capture the bright and happy atmosphere of the community.
Stuart McDaniel, principal at GuRuStu helped organize the first official meeting to form the East Village District Association in 2013. That meeting was held at the newly renovated American Theatre Company with over 80 community members attending. Today, the E.V.D.A. meets on the 3rd Tuesday of each month to discuss developments, improvements and upcoming events within the district.
GuRuStu designed promotional marketing materials, establishing the East Village District as a legitimate brand.

GuRuStu helped to bring further attention to the East Village District by working with other business owners to plan and manage a series of street festivals, which included live music, local vendors, a wide variety of food trucks and two live mural paintings.
Two murals were hand painted over the course of three festivals: one at 3rd and Kenosha on the Urban8 building and the other on the south side of the American Theatre Company at 308 S. Lansing Avenue. The 3rd and Kenosha mural was designed and hand painted by GuRuStu staff and anyone attending the festivals who wanted to help paint.
GuRuStu also designed the "back stage" mural which was hand painted during the street festivals on the south side of the American Theatre Comany, at 308 S. Lansing.
GuRuStu designed signage and organized fundraising efforts allowing them to be placed across the district. GuRuStu's inspiring ad bench at 3rd and Kenosha brings further awareness to the burgeoning district.