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Branding / 08.12.16
By telling the story of their nation's most decorated soccer star, Zlatan Ibrahimović, Volvo said a lot about themselves. Instead of hearing the same old jargon about how this car will cure that God-shaped hole in your soul, they demonstrated the similarities between Zlatan's difficult but successful journey and their own. By displaying only subtle glances at the Volvo V60, the rest of the 3 minute-long spot connects the audience not with a sense of materialism, but one of conquering impossible odds to accomplish worthwhile tasks.

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Insights / 05.21.16
Many places run a blog only because it boosts their SEO (the ranking they have when someone uses Google's search engine). Google has built an evolving algorithm that requires websites to keep their sites genuine and fresh. Google's increasing standards are aimed at what we all want, a better internet.

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Branding / 02.09.16
A recent study done by the American Marketing Association (AMA) shows that while annoying ads may make a company small amounts initially, the long run spreadsheets don't show the process of annoying your internet users with pitiful ads to be a very rewarding idea. The result, as George Nimeh puts it, has been to see an annual 41% increase in the use of ad blocker software.

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