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Multimedia / 11.07.16
Video Production is a lot more than just aiming a camera and pressing record. The art of storytelling through moving images is very different from traditional verbal storytelling, and this is perhaps where the misunderstanding finds its origin.

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Insights / 09.26.16
This message merits stating because "the medium is the message" ideology, while particularly useful to those who sell the mediums, is ultimately leading humanity to a culture that has totally cut itself of from all those messages that don't pertain to the mediums either directly or indirectly.

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Branding, Community / 09.12.16
IKEA could very well have become a furniture company who catered to that select percentage of people in the world who redo the furniture in their homes every couple years by walking into the place with the most attention-getting reputation and order all new everything. IKEA is a brand with integrity, and that's ultimately what Branding comes down to.

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