Why I Hate Blogs and Why That Should Matter To You

Insights / 05.21.16 / Arvin Sepehr

I hate blogs.

I hate blogs in the way Anthony Bourdain hates hot pockets. I hate blogs in the way Gloria Steinem and Emma Watson hate Spring Break in Daytona.

I love writing. Good writing. That is precisely why I hate most blogs and the way most people use them. Many blogs are poorly written, horrifically structured, and not well thought out. I wanted to know why, so I investigated.

Many places run a blog only because it boosts their SEO (the ranking they have when someone uses Google’s search engine). Google has built an evolving algorithm that requires websites to keep their sites genuine and fresh. Google’s increasing standards are aimed at what we all want, a better internet.

This is where the breakdown happens. And if you’re running a business, campaign, or attempting to accomplish just about any task, this is why my hatred for blogs should matter to you. Many observe Google’s algorithm for SEO boosting and treat the bare minimum as their ceiling. The attention to detail and quality in writing is booted out in an effort to push out more and more “ehh” blogs that, while unable to keep the attention of any human being, technically meet the requirements of SEO algorithms.

Google is trying to fix this by constantly getting better at finding real, well made content. But inevitably, corner cutting attitudes slowly raise their bare minimum solely because Google said so.

This matters because attitude is indicative of how businesses treat people. If all this work is being done to accomplish the art of deceiving Google’s algorithm, where else in the business is deception the main OS?

Wouldn’t it be easier to just write and create good content? It’d certainly make for better websites, which would make for a better internet. Most importantly, shouldn’t that be the attitude with which a business runs its entire operation?

At GuRuStu, the answer is yes. That’s why our blogs won’t be like other blogs, and our attitude toward Marketing and all our other services are the same as my attitude toward this blog: If it’s going to have our name on it, it will be creative, thoughtful, and well executed.