We Like Zuckerberg, But We Need More Zane Lowe

Community / 09.06.16 / Arvin Sepehr

The world needs Mark Zuckerbergs, but it also needs Zane Lowes.

I picked up my cousin visiting from Sweden recently. On our drive, he asked me what musicians were most popular in the United States. It turns out that our awareness of musicians, regardless of the miles between Tulsa and Stockholm, was pretty much the same. I was pleasantly confronted by the way technology, particularly Apple Music’s Zane Lowe Beats One, has empowered my cousin and I to better understand one another’s worlds. Pondering this, it became obvious that the world can only have so many Mark Zuckerbergs who build once in a lifetime companies like Facebook. But without a Zane Lowe, the world may not have much good stuff to put on their Facebooks.

In case you’re not familiar, Zane Lowe is one of the foremost authorities when it comes to music. The dawn of Apple Music introduced a Zane-produced radio show called Beats One. Almost every day of the week, Zane plays the newest and best in music from all around the world in one place. A few minutes into his broadcast led me to notice new music from artists I loved but forgot about and many great songs from artists I’d not yet heard of. Zane has conducted some of the most impressive interviews with musicians whose motives are often difficult to discern.

Services like Facebook and Apple Music are great at providing a space for the world to connect. But without Zane Lowes, bringing forth the best content so these spaces are actually desirable destinations, we’ll end up with a bunch of technology platforms that aren’t even worth having. The information can be more accessible than your favorite toilet, but if that information isn’t worthwhile, we become victims of our own innovation. With every new absurdly low quality piece of work, our grandkids’ IQ points are dropping like it’s Wall Street in 2008.

To operate as a Zane Lowe, then, is not to host the party, that’s Zuckerberg’s job. Zane’s job is to be the life of the party or introduce you to whoever will be. You might not be a Thomas Edison or a Wright Brother, but that means you’re made to make things that make turning on the lights or getting on flights worth the effort. GuRuStu, to further the metaphor, is the boutique you need to find the best outfits and talking points for those Zuckerberg parties you’ll be keeping alive. To be literal, being a Zane Lowe is being a producer of the content that makes sharing content worthwhile.

GuRuStu is in the business of arming you with whatever you’ll need make any destination, your Facebook page, your website, your office or store or restaurant, worth the visit.

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