Name Development

The starting point of any great brand: What do I name my company?

We’ve all heard the old saying, “What’s in a name?” But have you ever actually taken the time to think of an answer? Our creative team at GuRuStu has. It’s much more than an arrangement of a few letters from the alphabet. When it comes to the name development for your company, you are competing for the attention of customers and consumers who have already been presented with a myriad of other names. Name development with GuRuStu ensures a strategic approach that can take your potential name from good to great. Similar to our logo development process, we acquire data about your target audience, your competition, core philosophy and company culture.

The best name isn’t always going to be the first choice (or even fifth in some cases). Through name development, an individualistic name is chosen based on availability and versatility. Your name not only needs to appeal to your customer base but also to your employees. When a selection of names have been chosen, their availability will need to be checked across all platforms. Is the name available on Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ and other social platforms?  Is there an available domain for your new name?

People prefer words and names that they can relate to. At GuRuStu, we do the research and heavy lifting to determine exactly what kind of name it will take to obtain and keep interest from your core audience.

Once your name development is complete, grab your name by the horns and shout it from the rooftops. Your name is your foundation for building a stable brand identity that should stand the test of time.


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