Vision & Mission Statement

Why your company should have a strong vision statement:

Developing a vision statement is the first step in creating the supporting literature around your brand. A vision statement gives a snapshot of your company and what your company intends to do. When developing your vision statement, it is important to keep it short and sweet; think about how it would fit on a business card, t-shirt or billboard.

A vision statement should be short phrases or sentences that convey the end goal or dream result of your mission statement. A vision statement should contain your primary business goals. A vision statement doesn’t need to provide a detailed plan on how you intend to achieve these goals but by summarizing your key intentions and goals, they help create a single unifying vision for both your employees and your customer.

A strong mission statement should echo the same overall philosophy of your vision statement but provide more detail. 

A mission statement is focused more on executable actions. Your vision statement is meant to invoke inspiration and ideas surrounding your company and your mission statement should invoke them to take action with your brand.

The mission statement should first refer to a problem or an end goal, then broadly present indications of how your company will solve the problem or achieve the goal. Your mission can be your elevator pitch that illustrates your company’s overarching “reason for being” to potential customers or clients, vendors, and employees.

When your mission statement truly reflects your company’s core beliefs and values, then you and your employees are able to passionately get behind it. If you have a solid mission statement, you position yourself to garner the attention from all of the right people in all of the right ways.

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