The Message is the Message. Part Two.
Insights / 04.13.17 / Arvin Sepehr

Pay attention to your message. Pay attention to the overarching logos you’re promoting. Is this about arming your customers with more mediums, structuring pipelines of cash in an attempt to fill that punctured bucket called your soul? Or are you proactively trying to make something beautiful, aware that doing so is not the easiest way, but ultimately the only one that is worthwhile?

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Millennials, The Generation That Knows Logos Matter(s)
Community, Insights / 08.29.16 / Arvin Sepehr

To be taken seriously by Millennials, pay attention to your logos. The uproar over a popular brand changing logos says a lot about the way things have changed in the business world. It used to be that businesses had to work really hard to be deemed relevant and newsworthy by millennials.

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