After 50 years, it was time to celebrate the birthday of Tulsa's own Golden Driller.

The Golden Driller's 50th Birthday was a historic event for Tulsa. To celebrate the event, GuRuStu designed commemorative t-shirts and a limited run of screen printed posters, signed and numbered by the artist.

Many locals came out to celebrate the Driller's birthday and experience games, cake, music, and more. GuRuStu produced a highlight of the event for the attendees to look back on the fun that was had that night.
Commemorative tickets were given to all who attended and sponsored the Driller's 50th birthday celebration. Designing something that would be passed down for generations in memory of the celebration was such an honorable task that delicate time and attention was taken to ensure that everything was perfect. The design needed to correctly portrayed the Golden Driller while also remaining timeless.

The work done for the Golden Driller's 50th Birthday was recognized in the 47th Graphex awards.